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Each sentence used in marketing of business is a step of a ladder; more the quantity of steps, higher will be the reach of ladder and a strong content will make sure about robustness of the ladder.

In this competitive world, where Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” theory fits the best, every competitor is trying hard and fast to reach the highest end of the ladder. A good, qualitative content is the only fuel for the business to reach the sky of success.

The corporate world is well aware of the power of the content and hence a research revealed that 88% of the B2B respondents use content marketing as a strategic marketing approach which stands on pillar of valuable, relevant and consistent content.

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Content is a king and rules the kingdom of marketing with its own rules and being adroit, it modifies the rules with changing need of an hour.

Let your customer consume your product and generate content for you 

When a bridge of emotion and human element is formed between a customer and a product, a business is ought to reach the landmark of success in their marketing journey. Customers, these days have a tilt over realistic and down-to-earth advertisements rather than impractical and fictional commercials.

It’s time for the consumers to generate content for your business, let them sail the boat of your business in this tough sea of marketing, giving you a way towards success. 92% of the consumers give an edge to organic and user-generated content over the traditional marketing advertising, as per the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index. When a customer generates content for you, it carries many benefits along with it: BUILD. 

  • B- Builds Brand Awareness.
  • U- Unique content generation.
  • I- Increase personalization.
  • L- Lower Marketing expenses.
  • D- Deliver high social media reach.

Coca Cola has always come up with some unique marketing strategies to attract customers to ‘open happiness’ since 1886. Coca Cola came up with ‘Share a coke’ marketing campaign, in which it replaced coca cola printed on one side of the bottle with the phrase ‘Share a Coke’ followed by a person’s name. The campaign originated in Australia with an aim to encourage people to go out and find a bottle with their name on it, then shares it with their friends.

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The campaign of Coca Cola flooded the social media with over 18 million impressions and there was a 7% in consumption of Coca Cola products by Australian Young adults. The campaign increased the Coke’s share by 4%. The ‘Share a coke’ campaign reached the shores of 20 global markets, including China, U.K, and Brazil.

How the campaign created a buzz in the entire U.K is indicated by the following Google Trend. It shows the high surge in search of terms ‘share a coke’, coke and coca cola during the period of 2013 when the campaign came under the reach of people of U.K.

‘Share a Coke’ campaign is a perfect example of how to generate content from the customer.

Animation is the best platform to reach the zenith of content marketing

Out of the 5 senses gifted to a human being, Vision outclasses all other senses as per John Medina. The brain has a power to process visual information 60,000 times faster than the text. Videos are used as a genie by 74% of social media marketers in their marketing journey. With an expectation of 79% of all the online traffic to be generated with a helping hand of videos in 2018, more and more business owners will shift towards this source to reach the targeted audiences.


When an ingredient of animation is added in a video, it becomes capable to achieve wonders. These days creating an animated video is not a time consuming and an expensive process, thanks to softwares available in the online market. Using animation in a video has many advantages: CASE. 

  • C- Cheaper than other sources of marketing.
  • A- Awareness of the brand increases.
  • S- Simplifies complex topics.
  • E- Engaging and retains viewer’s attention.

Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz says “If we don’t create the market, it doesn’t exist.” Standing on the pillar of this principle, Red Bull, time to time, came up with many buzz-marketing strategies which created a domino effect, generating $1.6 billion worldwide.

Advertising is one of the major promotion strategy used by Red Bull with an aim to increase the consumption of the product using animation in their videos. Using its witty slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’, it used animated cartoons to highlight the energy drink’s benefits, which contributed towards increasing the energy drink’s brand equity.

The main highlight of Red Bull’s branding is that no matter what the content is; they never deviate from the core message of their brand and one can always feel the signature tone it. They deliver huge amount of content regularly, targeting their audience effectively. All of their ads used animation and gave hint of bringing out something special out of a person.

For instance, the following advertisement of Red Bull is the perfect example of how to use an animation in a video, effectively hitting the target without losing any focus of the brand motto: ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. 

Content Marketing has grown mature and creating a strong, quality content with effective market strategy is the key to success for all the businesses.

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