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Dining Room Designs Trends for 2020

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 8

This year is surrounded by large expectations from the world of interior design, as a year where a few big trends are going to have a definitive impulse.

As it was revealed at the Milan Design Week 2019 in August, a feeling of nostalgia for the Mid Century Modern period remains alive and in good health; somehow balanced with the traditional Country and the conventional Scandinavian. There’s a major yield of marble as substance; and a rise of organic, large plants, as elements of decoration that will surely stay here through 2020.

In regards to the world of dining rooms, we could love these components playing with each other with liberty, very far from fashion rigidness.

The eclecticism is somehow in each set of the dining room at the moment. Once more, the Tulip Table, with all its variations, is a recurrent item. Let us take a look at the versatility it has.

It will be present in 2020, because of its adaptability with materials such as wood, marble, and steel. It’s the persistent charm of a golden age: practicality, beauty, style. Its stainless steel base, slim and trendy, gets crowned with all the popular tops of this season, and the impact on your room will be always the same: it’s  the middle of the looks.

Granite strikes the ceiling in each piece of furniture potential, even revived with the coming of the new kid in town: the green marble.

The marble is one of the favored materials to use on top of contemporary tables. It’ll bring you a nice appearance and a firm and clean space for work, or for getting your dinner. In any case, its natural beauty, durability, and glow integrate seamlessly with the other prominent materials of this season: wood and metal, to deliver us freshness and a sense of strength and confidence.

Let us enjoy this clean, fresh, and fashionable feeling while having dinner with our guests or loved ones.

A Chameleon Table

How can the tulip shaped table do to reinvent and maintain relevance in a world full of changes? Once more, the wisdom of its layout has the last word.

1 top solution. Occasionally of fiber plastic; others of timber, and now with the return of the marble, the tulip dining table has in its relevant spot the flexibility of change, whenever the trend goes.

Try your favorite seats. The Tulip Table isn’t selfish when it comes to its mid century modern chair partners in the dining area. You can try various versions of chairs and be amazed by the results. Following the previous trend of blending chairs at the dining table, the only advice worthy to share is to take care that the height of the seats is the most similar potential. However, a Tulip shows you that elegance and fun do not are rivals but very good partners.

If you would like to enjoy the elegance, convenience, and attractiveness of the tulip shaped table, click here. You’ll be amazed! 

Ahead of its Time

Source: Roomhints

Did you know there were a myriad of advances in materials, manufacturing and processes way back in the mid century era? Take for example, embroidery art which harnesses texture to create beautiful wall art. And, the aforementioned Tulip Table designed by mid century modern mastermind Eero Sarinen was one of the most technologically advanced furniture designs from the 20th century. Brilliant! The timeless tulip shaped table, first pedestal table ever, was ahead of its time. 

Finnish/American architect and industrial designer Saarinen addressed the mayor problem which was the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world resulting from the slum of legs underneath typical chairs and tables.” That’s how the organic pedestal table came to be in 1956! This innovative piece ultimately eliminated clutter under tables with its sleek pedestal and round base. Its smooth lines of organic modernism made it a coveted industrialism icon. 

Considered a pioneer in both furniture design and architecture internationally, Saarinen’s neo futuristic furniture pieces and architectural works were highly admired for their groundbreaking aesthetic. As a matter of fact,  according to Elle Decor, two of his most iconic works ever are the organic tulip shaped table and the New York TWA terminal. Believe it or not, both of these mid century icons share the same concept: a fusion of structural elements into one organic shape!

We hope you find this information highly inspirational and informative.  Which of these dining room design trends did you like best? Tell us in the comments section below! For high end replicas such as the Tulip Table by Eero Saarinen above, we recommend Manhattan Home Design and Barcelona Designs or places like DWR if you can splurge for the originals.