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Email design inspiration: 6 example

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 14

There is no doubt that you can get your message across using a simple email with a white background and a black font, if you say the right thing. However, you may be looking for some email design inspiration, so that you can get a little creative and speak more effectively to people.

Being creative doesn’t mean being cryptic, always remember that your emails need to be easy to read. This means that your email designs should not be too complicated. Let’s take a look at some email design inspiration – 6 examples.


Personalising email content is a good way of encouraging people to engage with a brand. The use of AI and machine learning is making it easier to specifically tailour email content to take into account personal preferences.


The attention span for reading an email is approximately 11 seconds. This is why it makes sense to keep email design simple. Emails should be about delivering the message more than they are about complexity of design.


Traditionally email marketing has often been kept separate from other aspects of marketing campaigns. Now, brands are starting to coordinate their email design with designs across all of their marketing materials.


It’s important that people are able to understand and engage with email content. This is why it makes sense to concentrate on developing inclusive designs. These designs are optimised for everyone to be able to read, including people who have disabilities. This is different to adapting a design that has already been created. It’s about creating a design that is inclusive from the start.


It’s fine for brands to use email templates as this helps to promote a consistent view of the brand. However, brands are beginning to see the value of opting away from email templates on certain occasions. For instance, it may be a good idea to create a unique email design for a major product announcement or a brand anniversary. Brands can maintain certain traits in their emails to be more recognizable and to develop their brand identity, remember though that every email is a chance to stun your customer.


GIFs have been used on emails for many years. Indeed, they can trigger the interest of the reader. However, the flashing GIFs that have been popularly used are no longer enough, when it comes to creating great email design. There is now concentration on more complex animated GIFs that add something more to the email. For example, it can be a good idea to show through the animation how your product or service works.

These tips should help you to develop great email designs for your brand. Doing so should encourage people to spend time reading the emails that you send. This in turn should help to improve your brand engagement levels and should help your business to grow, even in a competitive environment.