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Fidget Spinners are the Latest Fad!

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 8

Picture this. You go in for an interview in an immaculate suit, seated right across your boss. He glances at your resume and then takes a quick scan of your appearance. You look presentable, so what’s the problem? Suddenly, your leg starts shaking uncontrollably but thank the lord, that’s concealed by the desk. Then in an impulse, almost like an invasion of yourself, anxiety grips your body. Without any control, your hand treads towards your mouth, and your hideous habit of nail biting takes over. You try to stop, but it’s too late. Your boss takes it all in, decidedly displeased by such an under confident candidate.

Let’s rewind a bit. As soon as you feel your body tensing up, you start twitching your fidget spinner with the same dexterity, all the while ridding yourself of stress. Your boss takes it all in, decidedly impressed this time and this latest fad becomes a quick topic of conversation between you two.

Take control of your anxiety with fidget Spinners, declared the most essential office toy by Forbes. Fidget spinners are a must-have under all circumstances for a plethora of reasons mentioned below.


Instead of nervous nail-biting, fidget spinners allow you to relieve the build-up of stress. People with this habit are encouraged to play with fidget spinners so that they can channel their energy elsewhere. Of course, this might not work for all people, and adults might not want to sit there spinning something in the effort to de-stress or release anxious thoughts. For this reason, adults may actually want to look for other ways to tackle their stresses, for example, marijuana such as this cotton candy strain could be helpful. Marijuana is being seen as a helpful tool for many people right now so it could be worth checking how it could aid you.

Kills boredom

Insolent drumming of your fingers on your desk or pesky clicking of your pen in the office can be quite disturbing for your colleagues. To avoid attaining a bad reputation, play with your fidget spinner instead!

Conversation starter

When you meet a new client, you’re often pressured to make small talk. Fidget spinners are found to be great conversation starters. People are curious to learn what you’re playing with, initiating a casual dialogue.


Fidget spinners are more practical to be used in an official environment as opposed to its obsolete counterparts: Yoyos and Tamagotchi’s. The Yoyo consists of a string and the act of throwing and pulling it back is not viable while seated on your chair with colleagues surrounding you as it could potentially end up hitting someone. As for Tamagotchi’s, their childish appearance as well as the act of feeding animals is more suitable for kids rather than grownups in a professional setting.

As a result of this, promotional merchandise like fidget spinners are commonly used in offices. Brands are getting their name and logos designed on these widely popular gadgets so that whoever uses them has to see the name of the company first. Using these toys as part of a brand’s promotion is a lucrative idea.

  • Employees provided with fidget spinners will be able to relieve their stress instead of taking it out elsewhere.
  • Since fidget spinners are so popular, companies can sell these customised products to advertise their brand name.
  • Instead of repeatedly getting out of their chair, employees can fidget with their spinners within while seated, conserving time and energy.
  • Offices with their own fidget spinners would attain a likable and more relatable reputation among employees and customers both.

With the latest fad taking over Australia by storm, incorporating them into your marketing campaign is a must!