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Hidden Obstacles Faced by Online Business Operators

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 27

The digital marketing, internet marketing and “make money online” gang will have you believing that starting an online business is as easy as buying some kind of toolkit they’re likely selling themselves, or one which they’re marketing as affiliates. The truth is it can definitely be that easy, but that just covers the starting of the business. It doesn’t account for the reality you’ll be hit with, which is that yours will be one of millions of other online businesses just like it, slogging it out for market-share that has long since been captured and saturated.

That’s if there was any market share to start off with. Many online business models simply don’t work because they make no sense. They don’t follow real-world business practices and if you’re honest with yourself, often you don’t even know exactly what it is that you’ll be doing.

That said however, in some instances you come across genuine online business opportunities, of which the legitimacy of the business model can be confirmed by taking into account exactly what that online business will be doing. Will you be selling something, be it a digital product or a physical one, or perhaps a selection of services?

Is it some kind of platform over which you seek to generate considerable numbers of users, whose engagement you can then monetise through selling advertising on the platform?

That’s the first obstacle faced by online business operators and it counts as a hidden one because the reality of how the online business will operate is often very different to what you’re initially led to believe you’ll be doing. The first hidden obstacle is indeed that of possibly wasting time, effort and some money setting up what ultimately turns out to be an online business model that simply doesn’t work.

There are many other hidden obstacles though, such as the realisation that the costs associated with the operation of a specific online business are not only recurring, but can be inflated with the passage of time.

Think about the many options you have for online slots, which fall under a very profitable business model of online gambling. As much as pretty much each option is pretty much driven by one of two online gaming software engines, if starting your own online casino was that easy, why haven’t you done so?

It’s not that easy and it’s not easy at all, by any stretch of the imagination. Once you would have jumped through all the regulatory hoops, which makes for another hidden obstacle, you’d very quickly find out that the costs associated with hosting a platform such as an online casino are much, much higher than hosting anything close to a “regular” website.

There are also cost-considerations around security, data protection, marketing to stay ahead of the competition or at the very least to keep up, etc.

Beyond online casino platforms, there are many different types of online businesses one could get into, but the hidden obstacles and costs can only really be uncovered once you get going with the business.