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How Interactive Content Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 25

Customers tend to get bored when they come across a boring Ad which makes them navigate away from a website and thus not going to buy your products. In this case, brands need to come up with ways of advertising for their products so that users can feel the need to buy from them. Here is where interactive content comes into play.

Thanks to the different interactive content platform alternatives, it has become quite easy to create and launch interactive content campaigns. 

Interactive content can actively engage customers and other users. Note that, you need to understand there is a difference between a reader visiting your business brands website and the same reader being actively engaged. 

Researchers have found out that when users are fed with regular content, they are not actively engaged, regardless of whether the content is helpful to them or not. Therefore, for brands to boost marketing efforts and makes more sales, there is need to invest in interactive content to build a lasting relationship with users. 

In this post, we will help brands to understand how interactive content can boost their marketing efforts. But first of all: 

What is interactive content? 

Interactive content is different from regular content in that it captivates website visitors and leads to active engagement between the visitors and brands. The visitors do not just view the content by they become part and parcel of the discussion.

So how can interactive content boost your marketing efforts? 

1.       Interactive content can create brand awareness

Interactive content can you create and increase awareness of your products and services. Customers are more likely to get to know about your company and be able to memorize it when it comes to buying their products. This is a great way of standing out from the competition.

If you want to create awareness of your products and services, you need to make the user believe that they have a problem and you are there to solve the problem. 

2.       Interactive content can educate your customers

Interactive content is the best way you can provide informative and helpful content to your potential customers and this is crucial when a customer wants to purchase your products and services. When you offer your prospects fun facts and show them how your product can help solve their problems, they are more likely to get convinced to buy from you.

Today’s customers do not like being pitched to online. They want to get informative content that will help them during decision making when they want to buy. In fact, a bigger percentage; about 90% will research a product before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Interactive content especially videos, graphs, quizzes, and infographics can be a powerful way to provide helpful information about your products to customers which is what they need when they want to buy from you. 

3.       Interactive content can enhance connections with present customers

Whether you operate a small, medium or large scale business, you need to attract customers and potential customers. However, this cannot be achieved without a powerful lead generation plan.

Most established companies make mistakes of hunting for new customers without understanding that their growth is as a result of their existing customers. Taking advantage of the referrals from the existing customers can be a key to great marketing efforts. 

It is good to make your current customers happy and this can be achieved by using various content types like events, forums, and newsletters.

Another great way is to launch an interactive poll to get information about your existing customers’ encounters and from this; you can get to know more about them. Interactive content is a powerful tool for marketers. Great interactive content enables your prospects to dive in, get engaged, have fun and gain helpful information without having the feeling that you are selling to them. 

Nevertheless, interactive content requires you to invest in resources and development. Many companies fail to achieve this because of lack of staff and bandwidth as well as insufficient budget. So, it is good for you to understand these factors when planning to start using the interactive content. Note that, there are plenty of tools you can use to create interactive content out there. 


If you want to boost your marketing efforts, we hope our post will help you to know how interactive content can be of help so that you can start implementing it in your marketing efforts.