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How to Care and Clean for Your Natural Fiber Rugs

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 23

Quality natural fiber rugs are an investment that you want to protect so that you can get years of enjoyment from them. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool, jute, and seagrass rugs do need a bit of extra attention to keep them clean, but it is surprisingly easy to take care of them as long as you know what to do. These cleaning tips can help you keep your sisal and jute rugs looking their best.

Just Say No

When it comes to natural rug fibers, water is the enemy. Water can make seagrass, sisal, and wool rugs shrink or curl along the edges, leaving you with a misshapen floor covering. Water can also cause discoloration or bleeding of colors. When you do clean your wool sisal rugs, you should avoid steam cleaning, wet shampooing, or any other method that uses water or rinsing.

On the Regular

Because most natural rugs are not tightly woven, dirt does not tend to get down deep into the fibers. The easiest way to remove loose dirt is by vacuuming often. Be sure to either turn off the beater bar or adjust the height so that the vacuum doesn’t cause any damage to your jute or sisal rugs. Concentrate on high-traffic areas where dirt accumulates and go over the rug in different directions several times for more thorough cleaning.

Spot Off

No matter how careful you are, you may still have a stain on your natural rugs. To remove those spots, gently blot away as much moisture as you can. You can also use a mild detergent or vinegar solution to fade or lift the stain. Roll up the rug in a clean, dry towel to help it dry without losing its shape.