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How to Have Beautiful Bathrooms on a Budget

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 16

A bathroom should be a place where you find refreshment and relaxation after an exhausting day. But a good bathroom can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can have a pampering bathroom without spending a fortune on its design, day to day operation and maintenance.

1. Try Some DIY Upgrades

You can reduce most of the costs that come with upgrading a bathroom by doing away with expensive professionals. Instead of hiring a professional painter to paint your bathroom, fix the wallpaper, or install a flashier towel rack, you can do this yourself and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

Other simple and inexpensive upgrades that could significantly change the look of your bathroom include getting new curtains, installing a new bidet (check out the bidets benefits here), getting better lighting and mirrors; and also putting in place better color coordination among other things.

2. Get Rid of the Junk

Clutter will make your bathroom look older and more out of shape. Therefore, getting rid of all the empty shampoo bottles and other unnecessary stuff from your counter top can give your bathroom a fresh look. Even if you are not throwing the stuff away, keeping it out of sight under the sink or in cabinets can make a huge difference.

3. Use Environmentally Friendly Upgrades

Keeping a premium modern bathroom running can really cost you. That is why you should strive to lower these costs by getting environmentally friendly upgrades.

For instance, if you can get the best electric tankless water heater you can afford, you will save on how much you spend on water heating considerably. These heaters will also use up less space, require less maintenance, and provide an endless supply of hot water as needed. You can learn more about them at Other upgrades that offer similar benefits include low-flow shower heads and faucets, and modern LED bathroom lights.

4. Rejuvenate

Often times, what you already have in your bathroom is pretty good, it just needs a little upgrade. So, rather than throwing out the current bath tub in favor of a new expensive alternative, you can look for ways to make it look newer at a much lower cost.

The racks and the shelves can also be updated through creative use of paint and other decorations. Similarly, a plain mirror can be adorned with a beautiful classy frame, which would be significantly cheaper than getting a new fancy mirror.

5. Consider Secondhand Fixtures

Buying new fixtures for your bathroom can cost pretty penny, but this cost can be lowered considerably with no noticeable impact on the final results when you buy secondhand products. Instead of buying new doors, mirrors, sinks, and tubs, you can buy used versions that still offer the aesthetic appeal you desire and your bathroom will look a lot better at a much better price.

6. Focus on Less Expensive Upgrades

Whether you like it or not, some bathroom upgrades will always cost a lot of money; which is not a big deal since you can rejuvenate what’s there for an upgraded look. But for the beautiful features and fixtures that you can afford; getting replacements can do your bathroom aesthetics a lot of good. For instance, fancy luxurious lights and towel racks might not cost much; but they can do wonders for your bathroom’s décor.

7. Get a Professional Bathroom Cleaner

In many cases, your bathroom will not look beautiful because some dirt and stains have piled up over the years. That is why you should hire a professional bathroom cleaning service to help restore its former glory. The extra attention to detail during the cleanup could make a world of difference, even as you throw in other upgrades to make your bathroom more beautiful.


Who says you are stuck with a bland and unexciting bathroom just because you don’t have all the cash in the world to spend on a fancy modern version? Making your bathroom beautiful is possible on a budget. Some of the things you can do to achieve this include doing your own simple upgrades, using more efficient upgrades, decluttering the bathroom, and rejuvenating the existing features among other things.