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How to Make Your Email Marketing Better In 2018?

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 12

Some people believe that email marketing is dead and shouldn’t be a part of any business’ integrated marketing plan. However, the truth is that email marketing yields very high ROIs, even in smaller niche segments.

It gives us the advantage of continuing our relationship with the potential customer while improving our marketing program on regular basis. It is all about ‘connection’ in email marketing. Read some of the most essential email marketing tips you should know to make your campaign look great in 2018.

Email automation

Every smart marketing strategy must involve the use of artificial intelligence and email marketing is in dire need of a breakthrough technology like this. You just have to introduce a plan for email marketing every time a person subscribes, clicks or performs an action which links to your product. The rest will be taken care by a smart AI system.

You can schedule the number, type and time for your emails while specifying different groups of audience, if needed. The emails can also be personalized according to recipient so you maintain a unique bond with every customer.

We recommend smart email automation solutions that take the hard work off email marketing. They are the finest providers of automated email marketing solutions with an extensive experience and numerous satisfied clients.  The time is ripe for using email automation. Do it before your competitor does.

The era of sticky content

The customers crave for something extra every time you send them an offer. Sticky content is the new solution to this problem and it seems to reach new heights this year. If your content involves promotional packages, vital information or product information then the chances of response increase dramatically. Remember, nobody needs to waste their time on another generic email.

Mobile strategy

It’s clear that smart phones are taking over the monopoly of desktops. Email marketing strategies which do not cater to the needs of mobile users will definitely disappoint the marketers.  You have to evolve a different strategy for smart phone users so that their expectations of highly interactive emails are fulfilled. You have to include attractive images, call to action buttons, links and other such interactive information to glue the customers to the screen.


If the customers are being focused on as individuals rather than a group, then chances of getting a response from them is higher.  If your product is branded to the unique tastes of the customer, it is likely that they will buy from you.

Same goes for email marketing. For instance, a large number of people do not prefer to read emails which do not have an attractive image attached to them.  Personalization is the key to stand out from the crowd of emails. It’s a trademark which makes an individual appreciate your email and respond accordingly.

Every customer counts and you just can’t overlook a strategy which can increase your profits.

Learn these simple tips and you will be able to create a striking, useful and valuable email marketing campaign for your business. Remember, design from the customer’s point of view and you will never fail.