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How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Martin Castilla            No comments            Mar, 23

Before hot, sunny days arrive, now is the time to get your home ready for warmer weather and longer days. Start your summer off right by completing these home prep projects first.

  1. Keep Your Cool

Right now, we may be eagerly awaiting warmer weather. Once summer arrives, however, the heat might quickly dampen our enthusiasm. This makes today the perfect time to start checking your home’s cooling options and seeing whether it might be time to call a company like CJS Heating and Air Conditioning to come and replace your old AC unit before the warm weather hits. But before you do that, you should make sure your ceiling fans are in good working order. If you’ve been running the fans in reverse to help pull warm air down from the ceiling, be sure to switch the rotation. While you’re on a ladder, replace any burned out lightbulbs and replace any damaged ceiling fan blades or light covers. Fans and spares can be purchased online to replace damaged parts or older ceiling fans with more modern ones.

If you have an air conditioner, check to make sure it is working properly now. While you can run basic tests yourself, it might be worth calling out an expert from a website like to check over your unit professionally. You don’t want to wait until the first heatwave hits and then struggle to find an air conditioning company that has time to help you. Dust and grim can accumulate around air vents and intake areas. Clean these off and put in a new air conditioner filter to start your summer off fresh. If you haven’t had your central air conditioning system service recently, you might consider having the ducts cleaned, as well. However, if you do not own one, you might want to consider getting the Packaged HVAC Equipment, which is suitable for homes that don’t have a lot of room indoors for either a furnace and coil, or an air handler. Such all-in-one packaged HVAC unit can take care of your heating and cooling requirements. But do make sure that you invest your money in reputed companies like HVAC Warehouse or similar professional manufacturers.

  1. Weed Out Trouble

Once the sun and warmth arrive, unwanted plants will begin to thrive. Now is the perfect time to remove weeds, clear out overgrown flowerbeds, and trim back other plants. If you’ve been considering adding new flowerbeds or expanding your existing ones, this is a great time to do so. You can protect beds from new weed growth by covering the area with mulch or plastic.

  1. Outdoor Living

Once summer arrives, you’ll probably want to be able to enjoy more time outdoors. Start planning now for the best summer, ever. Spring is a great time to add a new patio space or expand your existing one. You could give a new look to your patio space by replacing the existing patio door ( Putting down pavers to create a patio can be a good Do It Yourself project you can complete over a weekend. Set up a reading nook by installing a bench overlooking your garden or make plans for fresh vegetables by starting seedlings in the house now to plant in your yard later.

  1. Window Treatments

In the winter, window treatments can provide insulation to help keep homes warmer in cold weather. In the summer, window coverings are important to block out excessive sunlight and keep rooms cooler or allow us to sleep in after sunrise. That makes spring the ideal time to get your window treatments ready. Blinds can be wiped down to remove dust and grime. Curtains can be taken down and laundered so that they are fresh and clean before summer. If you’ve been considering purchasing new window coverings, spring is also a great time to hang them – light enough to see but not painfully sunny and hot while you’re trying to work.