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How to use automation to run your tech business efficiently

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 25

You will want to make sure that your technology business runs as efficiently as possible. You won’t want to spend time or money on tasks and processes that aren’t essential, and you’ll want to ensure that those processes that you do require are executed in the best way for your brand.

Have you thought about automating any of your processes, though? Think about the tasks that need to be carried out regularly, and consider which of those may benefit from automation. If you think you’re wasting your staff’s time and reducing productivity, then look at how you can use automation to boost your tech business.

Use automation for specific issues

You can develop the technology then find the applications for it afterward, but you won’t succeed. Using an example from Endgame, they knew that going through queries was taking their analysts too long to do, so they built and released Artemis, which is a chatbot assistant that automates data workflows into conversational queries. It means that the analysts are freed up to immediately halt any suspicious activity from data.

Understand what you want to automate (and offer help with it)

Make sure you take your time evaluating the process you’re looking to automate, and if you need to, change it. This is particularly the case when automation will streamline it. Also remember that people don’t like change, even if it will make their jobs easier. To ensure success, you should build in change management training to any automation of workflow you introduce.

Eliminate busy work

No doubt, there are many tasks your staff do that don’t add value to your business, and while they’re doing tedious work, they’re not being productive or versatile. If you want employees to be engaged, then they’ll need to use critical thinking and brainpower to do their work.

Doing repetitive tasks can lead to your staff disliking their jobs. If you have software developers in your company, for example, then using some of the different QA automation tools available to handle the more mundane tasks means these can be completed quickly and more efficiently.

Boost security

Automation can give you more safety and security of your company’s information and your client’s. This information needs to be protected for your business to thrive, but it can take time for your IT professionals to scale up your recoveries and back-ups. However, there are options out there to help with these tasks. Your brand will then be more protected, and your data will be stored more efficiently.

Improve communication

It’s easier to stay connected now than it’s ever been, so automating your systems will mean you’ll be notified of important information to help you make decisions. Using task management systems will sync your smartphone and laptop, and you can keep up to date on what’s happening when you’re on the move. You can also communicate with colleagues no matter where they are, too.

What about customers? There’s marketing software available that will track your communications on social media and email: not only will you save time, but you’ll also boost your branding and reach.