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Look the Part: A Key Factor to Success

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 17

It’s been the grudge of many people for years, the idea that being more attractive plays a big part in getting opportunities and being successful. But how true is this notion? Is there any fact that lies in the begrudged ramblings of people that fate has not been so kind to aesthetically?

It may not be the truth that is perpetuated in modern society. It’s a world of acceptances and self-love, which is great, and a notion that Dr. Nina Naidu encourage, despite being a plastic surgeon.

These days, plastic surgery is more about enhancing the natural beauty of a person and increasing self-esteem, rather than the opposite and suggesting that a person is not good enough unless they live up to celebrity beauty ideals.

But back to the problem at hand: is it true that being better looking makes you more successful?
Let’s look at some research.

We judge people by their looks every single day. We make a decision on a person and their prerogative within three minutes of meeting them and, as three minutes doesn’t give much time to speak to someone, 40% of this decision is based on surface appearance. It’s a trait that dates back to the beginning of people, when Neanderthals had to make snap decisions about whether a fellow being was friend or foes and it has carried through to modern humans.

If we look at America alone, a country that is stereotypically obsessed with looks. 14.5% of men in the US are taller than six feet. In CEOs and heads of companies, 58% of these are taller than six feet.

A crude study by a University suggested that every inch of height adds an extra $789 to a pay check per year, not a bad hand to have in the genetic lottery.

It’s not just the men either, quite the contrary. Women are subjected to even greater bias when it comes to looks and success. Even down to hair colour. Blonde women are likely to earn more money than any other hair colour – sorry brunettes!

Using This to Your Advantage

There’s not always something you can do to help yourself out. If you’re genetically gifted, then you may do better, but it’s not all bad news.

If you’re reading this and think there’s nothing you can do, you’re wrong! Use it to motivate you to dress the part when going for job interviews, always dress your best and never slip up on the professional front.

So keep yourself looking tidy, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. It could pay off. Imagine being in a position of power within a business, when you’re looking to promote someone to a higher position, are you going to choose the one who always looks smart, or the one who does the bare minimum with their appearance?