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Online Logo Generator by Turbologo Versus the Manual Process

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 17

Logo generator such as Turbologo is a solution for those who need to create a logo faster and easier. The software makes the complicated process into a simpler process. You should know the significant difference between Turbologo and the manual process before using it. Later, you will realize why using logo creator software is valuable, especially if you are a startup or small business.

Time When You Use Logo Generator and the Manual Process

The first significant difference between the logo generator and the manual process is timing. Turbologo provides you with a system that contains all elements you need to create a logo. You only have to give the company name, slogan, and company industry. Then, you can have to choose images for the logo. The system will process the elements and create several samples of your logo. The process only takes a few minutes. The last thing to do is choosing the best logo and pay it based on the plan you choose. That’s it! You can get your logo even on the same day.

The manual process is longer than that. You should find a trusted designer. Then, you have to discuss everything to make the designer understands what you want. After that, you still have to wait for them to work and finish your logo. Commonly, it takes 1 up to 2 weeks and even longer. The time depends on their schedule.

Budget When You Take Logo Generator and the Manual Process

The second difference is the budget. It can be an important consideration for a startup or small business because they only have limited money. That’s why some startup or small businesses often run a business without a logo. The cost of requesting a logo from a designer is various. It depends on the elements and deadline. The complicated the elements, the more expensive the cost. The shorter the deadline, the more expensive the cost. Commonly, you have to spend between $300 up to $1.300 to get a good logo design.

How about if you have less than $1.300 or even $300 for creating a logo? Logo generator software such as Turbologo is the solution. The service has 3 different plans. The first plan is known as the Lite plan. The cost is only $7 and you will get one non-transparent logo file. It is a good option for those who only want to get a logo reference. How about if you want to use the logo for your business? You can choose the Standard plan. You will get a high-quality logo image along with a transparent background. It means there will be no watermark and full copyright ownership. You will also receive the Vector files. You only have to pay for $11 to get those services. You can also choose the third plan known as the Business plan. This plan covers all the things on the Standard plan along with social media kit, Favicon for a website, and business card, blank, and envelope. You only have to spend $40 to get your logo and apply it for your brand and products legally.


The manual process takes time than Turbologo. You have to discuss the detail with the designer and let him or her think about the best elements on the logo. It may be a good option if you can wait for the process. On the other hand, if you need to have a logo immediately, Turbologo is a good option. You only have to sign up or sign in to the official website. Then, enter your company name, slogan, and company industry. Choose a color combination and icons. There are so many icons or symbols available and you can use it for free. Just choose symbols that represent your brand and products. Let the system generate the elements and you will see the samples of your logo. The process is simpler and you can do it in front of the computer or mobile devices. Even if you need to edit the logo, you can hire a personal editor from this service.

The point is that startup or small businesses can have a cool and attractive logo. It doesn’t matter if you only have limited money and time. You can just use and logo generator service such as Turbologo to handle it. You will get a great logo for your brand and products faster, easier, and affordable. Indeed, you can start to open your business and promote the products along with the logo immediately.