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The Effect of Immigration on International Business

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 11

The world is an increasing melting pot of mixed culture and blurred heritage. It’s what makes the modern world so interesting and exciting and, for business owners, it’s makes for several hard-pressing questions.

While immigration has shaped the global economic atmosphere for centuries and has provided some much needed diversification of the market, it is these immigrants who have been frequently perceived in a hostile manner by host nations.

The age-old joke of ‘they’re taking our jobs’ has become a negative archetype that has gripped the hive mind of developed and developed countries. Bur how accurate is this perception?

Multicultural Societies

It’s a given that along with migration patterns come the movement of a whole host of nationalities, bringing their own culture and nuances to the new world they’re discovering. Take for example the case of Brazil that witnessed a huge influx of migrants when they were suffering from long periods of recession. Due to this increased quota of migrants, the modern Brazilian society is a true mix of varied heritage and this society has only enriched business prospects in nearly all markets, improving trade relationships and multicultural sympathies.

Increased Workforce

More people = more people to work. It’s simple maths. While a lot of countries are suffering rom their highest rates of domestic unemployment, it’s no secret that allowing a (relatively) relaxed freedom of movement across borders, is a good tactic for ensuring that small, medium and large businesses will never be short of labourers – both skilled and entry level.

In the UK, for example, whose NHS suffers year after year with nurse and doctor shortages, so much so that their migration laws were changed to allow more qualified doctors and nurses from overseas into the country to practice medicine.

More Consumers!

If you’re a business who primarily operates domestically, it’s important to note that minorities and immigrants will play a huge part in your customer base. In the US, Latin Americans make up a vast portion of the consumer market, contributing more than $1.7trillion to the economy while also heading up entrepreneurial activity, leading the way as new business owners.

The Downsides

They say there’s no smoke without fire and everyone will have differing opinions on the effects of immigration on the global business market. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing your stance. Some commonly cited disadvantages include racial/ethnic tensions, which will always be an issue when there are uneducated and small minded people in the world.

There is also the case for language barriers between the migrant workers and the native population, this is where language learning businesses and a little bit of time, skill and effort come in for migrants across the world. Learning a new language is the skill.

Of course, these point are directed at the business owners and analysts in the world, perhaps you’re reading ths and you’re on the other end of the stick and are worried about what awaits you when you bear the stamp of an ‘immigrant’ in another country. Don’t let the fear of prejudice put you off beginning a new life, you are but one drop in the ocean. If any problems arise, using a good immigration lawyer like Joshua L. Goldstein to fix any sort of problems could save you a lot of hassle down the line.