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The Link between Creativity and Survival

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 8

In many instances, particularly with regards to our professional lives, we’re called upon to dig deep and apply a level of creativity we all seem to have and which we seem to take for granted at times. Creativity is critical to our survival though, and when one actually takes the time to thoroughly examine just how creative they have to be in various situations they find themselves in, this link between creativity and survival becomes much clearer.

Going back earlier in our evolutionary scale

If we go back to the times when our earliest ancestors roamed the face of the earth, life was a lot simpler in terms of the roles which were defined for our survival. If you wanted do live to fight another day, you had to go out and get food, indicatively through a combination of hunting protein and gathering some of the plant-based foods required to form part of the diet. We had to rely on raw survival instincts, which at times would have naturally entailed the need for the application of some creativity, like setting traps for certain animals whose meat we would’ve wanted to eat.

Fast-forward to modern times and we’ve long since figured out how to produce food on a mass scale, but creativity is still required in order to account for our survival with regards to the basic need of feeding ourselves. It would get rather boring having to fill up on the exact same diet every single day of your life, hence the different methods of preparing food, giving rise to entire careers and industries, such as that of a chef in the restaurant business.


Survival in the modern day has taken a different turn, however, with the legal tender of currency making for an intermediary for survival. No matter how badly you wanted it to be that way, you cannot simply deploy your basic survival instincts in this day and age and actually survive. Instead, what is required is the pursuit of an income-generation mechanism through which you earn money so that you can provide for yourself and for your family. Instead of working the land all day under the sun, you work away in an office, a factory perhaps, or any other modern day workplace.

Survival has been commercialised in this way, but creativity is still required. In fact, one could make a very strong argument that creativity has become even more critical to survival in modern times and it exists in many different forms. For instance, some of the best Social Security Disability attorneys in Washington perhaps specifically chose that market because it may have made for a rather challenging one, given the complex nature of the laws surrounding disability compensation, but because of the level of creativity they harbour, they’ve managed to make a success out of servicing this particular segment of the market.

Legal representation makes for a very specialised service which is key to survival in modern times, but those legal professionals who stand out above the rest are those who have figured out the need to apply a bit of creativity to crack the most complex of cases.