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The Many Facets of SEO

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 11

When people talk about SEO, they mean search engine optimization. This is anything that improves your ranking in search engines. To understand ranking, think the results you get when you search for a popular keyword term, such as potato chips. The search engine pulls up many pages worth of results, but only the websites on the first couple of pages will usually get traffic for that keyword. Searchers rarely dig deeper than page 2 or 3. If you’re falling below the first couple of pages, you’re going to lose vital search engine traffic that will form the bulk of your visitors. For more excellent information on this topic, you can see this top website:
A whopping 92% of web surfers use search engines to locate their information. That’s a number so high and powerful that you should probably look at it twice. If you’re missing out on appearing in the first couple of pages of results, you’re going to lose your visibility online. It’s like having a business with an invisibility cloak around it, that people might love if only they could SEE what’s inside the business.

Thanks to SEO services, it’s possible to quickly improve search engine rankings and appear in the first few results on page one. Keep in mind that page one search engine rankings are infinitely valuable to a website that wants to be a major presence online. It’s worth finding, and paying for, the best SEO agency for you to achieve this goal.

Why it’s worth it

According to a majority of publications, the first page of search engine results are the holy grail of success. This SEO article explains the importance of first page results by dropping this amazing statistic: 75% of searchers never even get past the first page at all. Imagine losing 75% of your visitors at one time. Unless you have a solid SEO plan, this is exactly what you’re doing.

The difficulty with do it yourself SEO is that it isn’t effective in every single facet of SEO. Think of everything that increases search engine rankings. You’ve got the design itself, things like pay-per-click advertising, social media management, app development and management, and many other things that can increase your visibility within search engines. Add in some link popularity and keyword density work and there’s little time left over to build a lot of great content.

SEO services employ a team of tech savvy individuals who know exactly how to carry out the many campaigns involved in a successful SEO campaign. Don’t let your website fall prey to the false notion that you can do SEO yourself in this competitive online world today. You might master one or two areas, but there are websites out there that have entire SEO teams who are mastering the many dozens of trivial things that make a website its most highly visible online and on mobile devices. Hiring a team of SEO experts is going to bring you to the next level of success in an online market that is fiercely competitive and full of people utilizing teams of SEO experts.