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The real benefits of Home Owner Association Management.

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 26

Due to ongoing developments within the housing market, many companies and businesses are now branching into housing development as property is seen as one of the better investment strategies. This has come about due to uncertainty in the financial markets as well as a change in housing trends across the world. People are now choosing to live in a residence or shared building as it is more affordable therefore providing a cost saving substitute. Also, the whole idea of being part of a community within a shared residence appeals to many. All this has led to Home Owner’s Associations becoming increasingly common in neighbourhoods throughout the country providing a range of services which is very attractive to home buyers/tenants. This in turn has led to many home owner associations needing to outsource all services to an independent company due to the stresses and strains of such an undertaking. This separate management aspect brings professionalism and a more balanced approach to life in the neighbourhood.


The independent company’s task is to handle the day to day responsibilities making sure that the rules are clearly defined so that everyone knows how to follow them. Hiring a professional management company can mean the difference between success and failure for a community as it brings many benefits to the community such as saving money, improving relationships between neighbours, managing vendors and much more. The rules and regulations established by the HOA are put in place to protect the value of each property so that an individual or group cannot negatively impact the market value of homes in the neighbourhood.


The management company will know how to enforce the rules and guidelines actively so that they don’t lose their value whereas the self-managed community can struggle in this area due to lack of experience. The management company may often have a legal responsibility for the property and this insures that health and safety standards are adhered to. Management companies are experts in running the day to day functions as well as also understanding the legal concerns of the association. They are in the ideal position of being up to date on any new legislation that may affect the community.


Everyone wants to be part of a community that is well maintained. The maintenance of amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms are taken care of by the company. The management company has the required experience in dealing with various associations such as vendors that provide maintenance services. This means that a maintenance plan will be established over the long term which will result in better maintenance often at a lower overall cost therefore making that community more attractive to future purchasers with possibly higher sales price for those selling.


It is obvious that many Home Owner Associations due to lack of experience struggle to manage their community because of the stresses and frustrations involved in running such a complex service. For this very reason, many of them are now outsourcing the management to the Cedar Management Group who have the expertise to run things efficiently and smoothly. To avoid unhappy residents, it is strongly advisable to hire professionals that are experienced in this field.