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Understanding The Value Of Betting Patterns

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 10

Anything that has been in play for a while inevitably develops a pattern. And the gambling world is no exception, as it has its own trends that have developed over time. What you might not know is the value of these trends, and that is the sole purpose of this article. By the time you get to the end of this text, you will have a better understanding of the value of the betting patterns available, so read on.

A patterns history and sample size

When it comes to analyzing a trend, the first question to ask yourself is, how long has the trend been alive? Second question is, how much data is available to support it? These two questions are a great starting point and it strives to show you if the pattern is practical judging from its life span. The longer the better. Additionally, the answers to these queries give your cause merit and a more trustworthy backstory. For example, the bye week trend is of great value since it has been in-play since 1990, and so this fact shows you it is going nowhere.

Looking into the sample size gives you the notion of how big the trend is. And this can be quantified by looking at the number of teams involved in the analysis. As in the case of the bye week trend, there is a 25 season worth of data to look into

The trends validity vs. its anomaly

These are basically the reasons behind the trend. To make a pattern practical, it has to make sense with reason and backed up with facts. The anomalies, on the other hand, are the outliers from the norm with no logical background and considered as coincidences. And to get a comprehensive analysis of the value of a trend you have to discern the valid features away from the anomalies.

An anomaly is like the TV broadcasting channel used to show a game. It has no influence on the match whatsoever. But coaching trends are valid reasons to back up your search since a certain coach can influence the strategy of a match in major ways. Sites today base their analysis on the validity of a trend and the  has a list of some of those betting sites.

The relevance of the trend

For a trend to make sense, it has to be relevant to the market and the bettors themselves. The value of a trend is then considered if the time it has existed it has provided relevant results. For instance, the history of team playing against team B is useful when checking the value of a winning trend connecting the two teams. But it cannot be used in the analysis if team B against team C since it is unrelated. Additionally, a coaching trend on a certain head coach is useful only if the coach is still working with a team. Such that after they retire or move to another team, the analysis has little or little influence on the performance of the next team.

Betting patterns can make gambling easier, but you have to understand their value. And now you do have an idea of how to understand one.