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Use these web designs tips to grow your business exponentially

Uday Tank            No comments            Aug, 20

Growing one’s business can be an uphill task. One day you are worrying about marketing strategies, the day after you are thinking about product creation, and the next you are pondering how to beat off competitions. With so many things to focus on, it can be far too easy to let little things like your brand’s digital presence slide. However, that would be a grave mistake because digital presence – such as the one you can achieve through web design – can benefit your business in many ways you cannot begin to comprehend. In a recent study conducted by The Harvard Business Review – on what exactly makes consumers want to complete an online purchase from a website – the results obtained showed that “trustworthiness” is the biggest factor. By making your customers feel comfortable, at ease, and safe when they visit your online platform, you stand a better chance of not only convincing them to buy from you but also to become long-term customers.

However, this doesn’t come on a platter of gold; instead, it is the result of the strong tools that a professional Web design company has implemented into the creation of your site. By creating a website that is easy to navigate, comfortable to use, and straightforward, users will always enjoy their visits and will be encouraged to visit again. If you don’t know how to incorporate all these features into your website, you had better learn the basics of web design, or you risk creating a below-par website. With that being said, in order to make your brand unique, there are a few proven website design elements that will transform random site visitors into loyal customers/clients.

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Incorporate Video Landing Page

Adding videos to your website design is absolutely a no-brainer. And I’m not talking about random old-school YouTube videos but qualitative, educative, and informative videos. If you didn’t know this before, check out this quick fact.

  • 78% of internet users worldwide watch online videos every week

When you embed quality videos into your web design, you make your website an enjoyable destination for visitors and a place to visit again for them. In order to achieve video incorporation, you can opt for full-service web design when designing your website, as this kind of design option incorporates many features like video embedding. Videos are so essential to the experience your website offers, and you could even target videos to a direct call to action on a particular web page, or you can get creative and create an immersive video that auto-plays on your homepage.

Parallax scrolling

While the digital age has, no doubt, improved our lives; it has also encouraged a sense of laziness in people. And these days, people are so lazy that clicking a button or navigating pages on a website is beyond the realm of possibility. In order to make your website an enjoyable place for users, you need to think like them and assume that people are too lazy to navigate many pages and they would rather want answers on the go. Hence – “parallax scrolling.” This uneven-like scrolling effect has tackled users’ general laziness while retaining the engaging and visually-appealing structure of a website. With just a single swipe, visitors have skimmed through all the info you’ve got to offer.

Animated Calls to Action (CTAs)

Calls to action are a necessary evil in web design, and if you still haven’t learned the basics, now is a perfect time. Without calls to action, many users would just be navigating a page without knowing exactly what to do, which is why you need to guide them as they make their way down the page. However, these days, many users are even too distracted to pay attention to CTAs, which is why adding a little bit of animation to your important action items might be all you need to catch the attention of users. Whether it is a micro-mini effect to catch users’ eyes or a simple interaction (such as “liking” a picture on Facebook and seeing the many reaction animations), visitors are more likely to execute the action you are calling when the CTA grabs their attention.

Custom typography

Gone are the dreary days of Arial or Times New Roman fonts. Instead, take your website to an advanced level with unique typography that encompasses your brand identity and what you stand for while also communicating to consumers expertly. And guess what; you don’t even have to go too far if you need inspiration for your website typography. is a great place to take inspirations from, and you can even see their web designs here

Artificial Intelligence

AI, AI, AI! Despite the surge in eCommerce sales over brick and mortar shops, consumers still crave connections, which explains why artificial intelligence – in all its diverse forms – is so popular. From machine learning and personalization to chatbots, website visitors are now being treated to a much better experience. Chatbots are extremely important in web designs as they aid customer service. These days, users can now ask questions and receive authentic answers in real-time. 
By and large, web design is a really important part of any digital business branding and contrary to popular opinion that you have to spend several months to master the art of website design; you can now learn web design in 30 days and grow your business exponentially. Once you’ve learned and mastered the concept of website designing, do not forget to implement the few tips you’ve read on this post, as they are very crucial to the growth of your digital business.