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What are the digital musts for opulent hotels?

Martin Castilla            No comments            Mar, 25

Opulent hotels are frequently referred to as grand dames – in other words, they are seen as glimmers of a bygone era when hotels were associated with glamour and luxury. Have you ever thought about what makes a luxury hotel nowadays? Luxury hospitality can have several meanings. It all depends on what the clients want. While some are interested in service and personalization, others want the best in food and culture. Luxury is not quality or price. It represents a meaningful experience and showing that you care. Of all the sectors of the economy, none is as lucrative as deluxe hospitality. Establishments from all corners of the globe are providing more and more luxury experiences, which is a good thing. Hotel chains can greatly benefit from online marketing. Digital marketing can help them increase their booking rate and optimize the success of the business. These are the digital professional musts that will help you hotel business reach customers on the web.

Have a mobile-friendly business website

Travelers are very attached to their mobile phones. They check and re-check their cells several times a day. People use their phones to remain connected with their friends on social media, see snapshots of company sales and forecasts, and find accommodation. These days, travelers are using their cell phones to find opulent hotels and make reservations. It is estimated that 80 percent of bookings are made over the phone. Mobile shopping has definitely increased in the travel industry. If you do not have a mobile application, at least make sure that your establishment’s website is mobile-friendly. Create a mobile version of your brand site and ensure that the features and functionality compliment the mobile experience. A great deal of digital traffic comes from mobile devices and you cannot afford to lose any more traffic.

Select stunning photos

The decision to check into an establishment is not based solely on the description on the website. The prospective customer wants to see images of your hotel. Is your hotel a feast for the eyes? If the answer is yes, you should better put the spotlight on it. Hotel managers in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, for instance, are increasingly sophisticated. They are not happy with anonymity and constantly take pictures of the rooms and post them online to increase tourism. And why not? Their five-star properties feature extravagant luxuries like on-site restaurants and breathtaking city views. Using the smartphone is a smart and economic way to shoot photos. Visitors are looking for a hotel in Makkah offering luxury spacious accommodation and you will want them to choose you. Make sure that they do not go to the competition. Take pictures and show prospective guests how easy it is to walk to the haram. Better yet, make a short video of the environs. Makkah abounds in historical and cultural places of interest for travelers like pilgrims. It is not a good idea to cram your site with lots and lots of videos. One video is enough to show the beauty of the hotel. You have the chance to make a great impression and you should better take advantage of it.

Display your luxury services

So, you are capable of offering guests more than a simple place to stay. That is something to be proud about. You did not choose the easiest or the cheapest way, in an effort to reduce costs. You are dedicated to offering excellence, as well as a higher level of service. It is essential to display your luxury services. How else are you going to get people’s attention? Services are what differentiate you from the competition. It is not sufficient to say that you have an opulent hotel. You have to prove it. If you have a kid’s club, advertise that specific service. Parents will be thrilled to know that their children will find interesting toys and activities based on the principles of education, entertainment, and exploration. It is recommendable to put together a list of service features. Attention should be paid to the fact that features are not the same thing as benefits. You can transform a feature into a benefit, but it is necessary to express it in a manner that matters to the traveler. For instance, if you have a spa where customers can get a foot massage, you are not selling on the foot massage. You are simply insisting on the idea of relaxation.

Start your hotel email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to let the world know about your deluxe hotel’s latest deals and offers. Thanks to email, you can easily reach out to people, no matter where they are. If you have useful information, share it. One or two emails a month is enough. Examples of valuable information include links to social media channels and details about local events and activities. When you are the owner of a 5-star hotel in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, you do not have to worry about gaining attention. People are immediately drawn to the Haji in Makkah, but that does not mean that they are not capable of appreciating the sights and landmarks or are not looking forward to the upcoming international conferences. Emails are an opportunity to thank your guests for the stay. The message does not have to be too boring or long. Say what you have to say and come back with special offers. There is nothing more important than promoting exclusivity. This makes individuals feel like they are special and wins their confidence.

It is needless to say that your opulent hotel needs to capture traveler’s attention. If you do not implement the aforementioned digital strategies, you will not be able to optimize your hospitality business. Get everyone in the organization involved on the project. Digital marketing is a complex undertaking and you need all the help you can get. Location is the hottest topic right now, so it is important to focus on that aspect. If your business is based in the Middle East, do not hesitate when it comes to offering details. People will certainly appreciate your effort and they will be more likely to book.