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Why People in Creative Industries Need an Online Portfolio

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 26

Working in the creative industries can be tough. There is often intense competition for jobs, and if you’re a freelancer, you’ll constantly have to be networking and finding new clients. If you want to make an impression, one simple way to do so is to build an online portfolio, showcasing some of the projects you’ve previously worked on. So, what kind of things should you include, and how can you make the most of your portfolio?

Give an overview of your career

CVs can be long and wordy, and it can be difficult to describe the projects you’ve worked on at an interview. Things to include in your online portfolio could include:

  • Major brands you’ve worked for
  • Snippets of your work
  • A timeline of projects/employers
  • Glowing references from previous clients
  • Information on your skills and relevant training

All that potential clients or employers have to do is scroll through your site, which makes it more engaging and interesting than looking at a Word document. 

Display your work in unique ways

If you learn a little bit of coding or get your portfolio professionally designed, there’s no limit to the ways in which you can display your work. You can keep visitors engaged by using online galleries and other multimedia to make your website really pop. Many creatives use WordPress for their portfolios, and using managed servers such as Onyx ensures that your site runs quickly even when you add these plug-ins.

You only need to hand over a URL

When you’re at networking events, it’s often quite a chaotic atmosphere, so people you meet might not remember everything you tell them about your previous work and skills. Hand them a business card with your portfolio’s URL, and they can browse your site at their leisure. It also means you don’t have to hand over bulky pages or business cards stuffed with information, you can keep it clean and simple with just your domain name.

Highlight the ‘best of’ your career

If someone is thinking of hiring you or using your freelance services for a project, they’re likely to Google your name first. Around 77% of employers Google prospective employees, and they may well bring up social media pages, personal stuff, or simply projects that you don’t feel you performed very well in. However, if you build an online portfolio and use SEO principles, it’s likely to be the first thing that comes up under your name. This means you control what employers see, highlighting the high points of your career and the things you’re proud of.

Show off your creative skills

If you don’t have a lot of experience and are trying to break into a creative field, building an amazing portfolio can show off some of your skills. Want to be a graphic designer? Create a great logo and some infographics about yourself for your page. Starting a career as a copywriter? Ensure your portfolio has a blog section that you update regularly with interesting articles. This will show your dedication to your craft.

The right online portfolio can take your career in the right direction. Not only can it impress people who want to hire you, but it’s also something you can look at and feel proud of as you track your progress throughout the years.