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Why You Should Ditch the Pain Killers and Use Natural Herbs Instead

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 26

It’s normal to experience pain. It could be a headache after a long day at work, or maybe you’re dealing with a painful injury that leaves you underperforming on the field. No matter what the cause, it’s natural for most of us to head to the medicine cabinet and reach for the nearest bottle of pain relieving pills.

Approaching pain relief this way is an option, and there’s no doubt that it’s an effective one, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your body. Natural pain relief is a much gentler way to treat a wide variety of ailments, and it has a variety of benefits that regular pharmaceuticals simply can’t match.

You’re Going Straight to the Source

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how certain medications came about, but the truth is that many medications were created thanks to plants. By using herbs, you’re skipping the middle man and going straight to the source.

For example, codeine is derived from the poppy, while ephedrine is actually named after the plant it’s derived from. However, when the ingredients in these plants are turned into a medication, other ingredients are added to it, and many of those ingredients aren’t good for your body.

You Will Experience Fewer Side Effects

One of the problems with modern pharmaceuticals is that they can have some nasty side effects. Some medications are even highly addictive, so the pain may go away, but you’ll be left completely dependent on the drug.

Opioid painkillers have the most side effects, but that doesn’t mean the pills in your cabinet are harmless. Some common pain killers and their side effects include:

  • Tylenol: Nausea, rash, and liver damage with high doses
  • Advil: Upset stomach and heartburn, especially if taken without food, and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Corticosteroids: Osteoporosis and cataracts are a possibility with long-term use

You May Experience Additional Health Benefits

Not only will you avoid many unpleasant side effects by turning to herbs instead of pharmaceutical drugs, you may actually end up with additional health benefits.

When pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants, a single aspect of that plant is researched and used to create that drug. When you take the herb itself, you get the whole shebang, so to speak. The ingredients in that plant interact to offer a wide variety of health benefits above and beyond what you’re taking it for.

For example, the ashwagahndha can help calm your anxiety, but it can also boost your immune system. Cumin is a common cooking ingredient that can keep blood sugar levels in check, but it may also be able to prevent stomach ulcers. Additionally, CBD is derived from hemp, so taking private label cbd gummies made from just sugar and CBD can offer a naturally sweeter way to tackle pain.

Lastly, natural herbs are often more affordable than pharmaceuticals! Just make sure you speak with a licensed herbalist when settling on a new pain management plan. They can help you choose a combination of herbs that will provide you with the most relief.

If you are serious about getting into herbal treatments, consider studying natural healing systems like Ayurveda. Courses for this might be available both online and offline. Once you spend enough hours on study and practice, you will most likely obtain an ayurveda online course certificate. This may enable you to concoct herbal remedies for yourself, build a healthier lifestyle, and also move on to providing holistic treatments for others in pain.