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Top 3 Considerations for Marketing Your Video Content

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 24

In 2019 87% of businesses said they were using video as a marketing tool. Compare this to just 63% in 2017 and you’ll see that more brands are interested in using this effective marketing outlet for their brands.

Alongside the ramp up in brands jumping on the video production bandwagon, however, comes an increase in the level of competition to get eyeballs on their videos. With these numbers in video content expected to continue to rise, here are three considerations for marketing your video content to stand out from the pack.

  1. Optimal Video Lengths

While it is hard to speak to the type of content you should be generating, we can talk about the ideal length of your videos according to objective. For example, brand awareness videos can be short and it is not uncommon to see them in the 15 second to 2 minute range. Educational content, however, is ideal when it is in-depth, so the goal here is 5 minutes to 120 minutes, especially when you consider long-form videos like webinars. 

Finally, longer form videos, like those created specifically for streaming video platforms like Roku, can often be 10 minutes or even up to 3 hours. Consider your viewer and try to align the length of video with their expectations.

  1. Video Format

Video format considerations will also factor in your audience, messaging, and objective. While there are no hard and fast rules, most video formats follow the same format:

This applies to commercials and blockbuster movies. Watch any commercial and you’ll see how it tries to play into that format. Similarly, movies may end with a resolution to the problem as part of their story line. Win here and you’ll win on the engagement front.

  1. Getting Video Out to the Right Audience

Getting eyeballs on your videos is going to also depend on the goal of your efforts. For example, YouTube is a great place for videos that are educational in nature as the platform tends to attract a lot of “how to” type searches. 

Embedding your videos alongside your blogs or on your website is another area to gain free exposure as blogs can rank organically in search engines and your videos can be seen by the existing traffic your site is generating. 

Another strategy is to visit Q&A sites like Quora and find related questions to solutions your video provides. Sites like Quora allow you to embed your video in your answers, providing further discovery.

But what if you have more substantial video content like within a streaming app? To bring attention outside common, in-platform searches, you can use some more traditional marketing to bring brand awareness to your streaming app. For example, you can run ads on Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. Similarly, you can run ads on Facebook to encourage app installs. You may also consider pushing your content out to YouTube organically to drive brand awareness to your streaming channel.

Marketing video content is only going to get more difficult as more content, and more brands, enter the space. Use the above considerations to get your brand in front of more viewers and stay ahead of your competitors.